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Our Approach

Ottawa Shotokan Karate Family Club is a not-for-profit martial arts club dedicated to the teaching of traditional Shotakan karate with an emphasis on physical fitness and self-defence in a safe, stress-free, family-friendly environment. The club has roots with the Nam Karate Do - Kingston's Karate-Aikido School, and its leader, Kyoshi Hamid Nam, a 7th dan student of Master Takemasa Okuyama.

Karate Black Belt
Karate by the Sea
Martial Arts Class
Karate Practice
Practicing Martial Arts
Karate Class Outdoors


Where the Passion Begins


Dominique Gendron

Lead Instructor

Sensei Dominique is an accomplished 3rd dan black belt instructor with more than 20 years of experience in Shotokan karate.


Robert Naud

Lead Instructor/Administrator

Sensei Robert is a 3rd dan black belt instructor who started his karate training more than 17 years ago as a student of Kyoshi Hamid Nam.

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